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There is a deep desire within you to start your own online business. You have a passion that you want to share with the world and you're eager to get it out there. But you haven't figured out the right way to get your message across.

Here are two worries you may have:

Worry #1

"I’ve tried coding a site and it’s too hard”

Chances are you've tried to create a website before by following some cryptic tutorial online and just couldn't grasp what was taught. HTML and CSS coding are the most simplest forms of web development BUT if you don’t have a teacher who can properly explain the commands and show you how to use them, you end up having to pay a lot of money to someone else to code it for you, relying on them for any changes needed in the future.

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Denise puts a lot of work and information in her ebook. Even if you think you have a firm grasp of web development, there is probably something new. I will be going through her book again step by step because she writes in an easy to understand format. Her section on HTML is very thorough and gives the reader a good foundation in HTML concepts. I did not know the meaning of the various elements in DOCTYPE even though I thought I had a good foundation in HTML. In addition, she thoroughly explains each required element to code your first page and gives an assignment to put what was taught in practice.

- Angela Ross, Assistant Professor, Information Technology

Worry #2

"There are so many people in my field, how do I stand out from the crowd?"

Regardless of how many web designers there are, stay at home moms/dads, piano teachers, photographers, fitness enthusiasts, fiction/non-fiction writers, social media marketers, graphic designers, financial analysts, or any person within a similar interest, you have a story to tell that’s unique from the rest. There will always be someone who will listen to what you have to say and become a fan.

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Having this workbook made me better understand how to structure my content for my audience. I am looking forward to starting my site with the look I truly want.

- Modupe Ishmael

Don’t let fear and doubt keep you from
building your dream any longer.


HTML and CSS Workbook and Bonus Materials

The HTML & CSS Workbook is a 180+ page, actionable eBook that walks you through the process of taking a topic of your choice, developing content for it, designing and coding a website for it, then promoting and monetizing it effectively. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Section #1 - Prepping

Before writing your first article, you’ll need some tools to setup your site. Within this section you’ll learn:

Section #2 - HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

Every website you come across uses HTML coding and it’s the foundational language required to build a website. This portion will:

Section #3 - CSS (Cascading StyleSheet)

After you’ve constructed your content, you’ll learn CSS coding to help design your pages’ content, such as, but not limited to:

Section #4 - AfterMath

When you’ve completed adding your content and designing your site, you’ll need to get people to come to it and keep coming back. This last section of the eBook discusses:

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Meet Denise, Your Instructor

Denise Jones - Author of HTML and CSS Workbook Denise Jones is a former educator who has taught many students how to design and code websites to build their work portfolio for over 6 years. She is comfortable in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, and, for a few years, Adobe Flash.

She currently works as a freelance web developer and designer helping her clients improve the look and functionality of their website/blog.

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I am so grateful for crossing paths with Denise. She came highly recommended to me. I really needed a web designer who could capture what I wanted for my new business I created. The previous designer left me unhappy and wondering if my vision of a business was a mistake, well after talking to Ms. Denise things changed.

I really became encourage after talking to her, and definitely after seeing the redesign. The moment the pages were completed, I thought YES,...that is my desire. My goal now after knowing Denise for a couple years is to utilize her skills again, by updating my website with a new vision I have for my business and I truly believe I will be excited again.

- (Karress) Yvette Jones,

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As an added plus, you’ll receive
6 FREE Downloadable Bonus Materials

Bonus #1 - HTML Cheat Sheet Bonus #1 - HTML Cheat Sheet
Don’t feel like rummaging through the eBook to find certain HTML coding commands? Then you’ll enjoy having this downloadable PDF HTML chart listing the elements and their attributes.

Bonus #2 - CSS Cheat Sheet Bonus #2 - CSS Cheat Sheet
If you can’t remember what values go with a particular CSS property, then viewing this downloadable PDF CSS coding chart will solve your problem.

Bonus #3 Hexadecimal Color Chart Bonus #3 - Hexadecimal Color Chart
There are varying shades and tints of a color and to help with choosing one that best fits your site, I’ve created a one page downloadable PDF Hexadecimal Chart. It ranges colors from white to black, and multiple shades and tints of red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple.

Bonus #4 - Making a Contact Form Work Using PHP Bonus #4 - Making a Contact Form Work Using PHP
Creating and designing a form is done using HTML and CSS, but to make it work, you need a preprocessing language like PHP. To help you learn this, I’ve create a 23 page tutorial explaining how to use this language and make your contact form work.

Bonus #5 - Chapter Source Files Bonus #5 - Chapter Source Files
You’ll get access to the HTML and CSS files explained within each chapter, as well as the JPG/PNG images depicted.

Bonus #6 - Private Facebook Group Access for HTML & CSS Workbook Customers
If you have any questions on the contents of the eBook or homework assignments, you can get help from Denise and other members of the HTML & CSS Workbook’s Private Facebook Group. This group is specifically for customers of the HTML & CSS Workbook and you can ask for help, provide it, and get feedback from your peers. Take this opportunity to get advice on your business and make it grow.

Bonus #6 - Facebook Private Group

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Denise Jones was my Instructor at the International Academy of Design and Technology College in Chicago. She taught me Photoshop, Illustrator and CSS. I followed her, as a student, in each class I could possibly sign up with her for the purpose of learning. She has an insight and knowledge of these and so many more programs that out does most. She has the ability to create within my stubborn mind, the pleasure of not only learning but utilizing the skills she taught. In her book, she wrote about CSS, which is definitely helping me in my new goal of creating my own Website Business.

Her understanding of CSS and Websites, go beyond many others that I have, in the past, asked for help. Her skill in this area, taught me that CSS is not as difficult as it seemed. After reading her book, I was able to recall what she had shown me and learned more than I knew was required to create a Website that is clean, easy to navigate and is presentable.

- Rebecca Kiel

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - http://htmlandcssworkbook.com100% Money Back Guarantee

Building a website based on your passions and dreams will take time and dedication. The last thing you want to do is waste time on a product that won't give you the results you're expecting.

So I'm providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days. If within 30 days you haven’t achieved any of the results you expected, then send Denise an email and she’ll refund 100% of your money back.

If you want to see if she'll respond, go ahead and send her an email at: right now.

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HTML and CSS Workbook and Bonuses

HTML & CSS Workbook

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get:

Promotional Offer: $35

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Denise has helped make my website look more professional with her expertise in coding. She helped create three different sign in forms for my site with a picture of my book. I did not have the patience or the time to figure it out. She has a gift with css and html! She has also helped me with some tweaking of my site when I could not figure something out!

She has a passion for creating beautiful sites, and she can teach you how to make these creations on your own. Thank You Denise for taking my ordinary site and creating something extraordinary!

- Joyce Glass,